We are lucky enough to be able to sponsor charities we believe in, as well as strive towards a more equal society. Since its creation in 2021, iguanodon.ai has been sponsoring the following causes:

  • Les Infirmiers de Rue ASBL, a non-profit striving to end homelessness in Brussels and Liège
  • Volontariat en Inde, a non-profit aiming to provide education and empowerment to the less fortunate in Puducherry, India
  • MIMA museum/Brussels Boxing Academy: we are happy to sponsor a collaboration between the MIMA museum and the Brussels Boxing Academy. The latter offers boxing lessons to Brussels' youth.
  • Academic sponsorship: we have been a silver and gold sponsor of (respectively) the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of a scientific workshop at the international conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics, allowing 5 un- or less-funded students to attend and present their work to the scientific community

We further strive towards climate neutrality: the electricty used by iguanodon.ai is 100% green and produced in Belgium.